Gluten Free Celebrations Memorable Meals without Wheat by Carol Fenster

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Carol wrote this book for all of you who asked for ideas for family get-togethers...or a meal with friends...or those special occasions like birthday parties, picnics, or the holidays. This book is the revised edition of Special Diet Celebrations....but with a new title, Gluten-Free better reflect its focus on gluten-free dining. It's also been updated to include the latest gluten-free culinary techniques, the latest flours, and boasts an extensive appendix to help you with ingredient substitutions. Carol offers hundreds of recipes that help you celebrate special moments with food that everyone will enjoy. Recipes for those favorite foods we crave on a gluten-free diet such as crusty breads, crispy pizza, decadent brownies, flaky pie crust, and old-fashioned biscuits. Exciting menus help you design the perfect meal so that every dish looks enticing, tastes great, and all the flavors and colors of the meal complement each other (Taken from Amazon) New Condition

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