We know that there is a LOT of info about Celiac Disease, and about the Gluten Free Lifestyle. Much if it is helpful, some of it, not so much. There is unfortunately a lot of misinformation going around. While we are no physicians, or experts, here at Gluten Free Specialties, we have learned a lot in our 21 years of baking Gluten Free. I (Priscilla) was diagnosed in 2002, and have many years of living the GF lifestyle under my belt. We are always here to help and be a listening ear, and offer any pearls of wisdom we may have. I have found a few resources that I highly recommend. Some are from Experts, but some are also just others of us who are on this journey and have done the research. I hope this will help you as a guideline to start you on your way to your GF lifestyle. If you know of any others to add, please let me know! ONLINE: - Newly Diagnosed Celiac? Contact the University of Chicago, and they will be happy to send you a free GF care package. This website will let you know what is needed in order to qualify. - - Need to know what Drugs are GF? This website is a great resource. However, always make sure to check with your Pharmacist, in case things have changed. - Need to know what Candy is GF? Included is a list, and is updated regularly. However, please always check with the manufacturer to make sure you have the most updated information! BOOKS: - There are series of "Dummies" Books... and I believe they have recently combined them all into one book (7/16), but if not, Living Gluten Free For Dummies, Celiac Disease for Dummies, Gluten Free Cooking for Dummies, Gluten Free Baking for Dummies, and Student's Gluten Free Cookbook for Dummies. These books break down information into very simple terms that will make the GF lifestyle make a bit more sense.