Our Story

Our start was born out of a simple request for Gluten Free Products back in 1994. Michelle Fuller experimented with baking GF for one of her customers, and found out that she was pretty good at it. Her belief was, just because it was Gluten Free, didn't mean that it should "taste" Gluten Free... it should taste the way it was meant to taste. Word spread that Michelle was making tasty Gluten Free Products. She began taking orders during the week, then selling her goods out of her truck. Eventually, she was encouraged to run her own Bakery. On February 14, 1995, Celiac Specialties opened its doors in Chesterfield, MI. Michelle continued experimenting with Gluten Free creations for the Celiac community... never wavering in her belief that Gluten Free should taste the way a product was meant to taste, if not better. At one point, Celiac Specialties carried over 138 items! Fast forward to 2013. Mike, Michelle's brother, has taken over the Bakery. Michelle's recipes still hold strong, some have been improved upon, and new products have been added over the years. Baking is still done from scratch, many things are still piped out by hand. The belief has still stayed the same. I, Priscilla, used to shop here when I was diagnosed in 2002. I signed up to work here on Saturdays, so that I could meet other Celiacs, introduce them to our products, and help them on their journey, just as someone had done for me. Mike and I are now married, and running the bakery together. We listen to our customers needs, and continue to strive to put out the best gluten free products we can. We want you to enjoy our products with confidence. When you take our products to parties, family gatherings, or are just enjoying them at home, our hope is that no one will be able to tell the difference. I have no doubt that when you bite into our products, you will taste more than just our 20+ years of gluten free baking.... you will taste the love and passion that we have for what we do. Try us. I know you won't regret it. If you want the taste of home made, not the taste of plastic, processed foods you can find anywhere, then I invite you to give us a try. Priscilla and Mike Demello, Gluten Free Specialties (formerly Celiac Specialties)